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FF00011  USDA CFAP Farmers to Families Food Box (Chicken Drumstick,                            Chicken Franks, Eggs, Milk, Apples, Cucumbers, Onions, Potatoes,                        Butter) at 0.00

FF00005   CFAP Frozen Meat Bologna, Salami Or Scrapple

                  Frozen Food Box at 0.00

DF01934   Girl Scout Cookies    12/6.2 oz. .95 per cs.

DF01904  ORGANIC Blackberry Juice 100%    New Price: 2.00


DF01905   ORGANIC Melon Juice 100%   New Price: 2.00


DF01739  Uncooked-Chicken Piece Fritters New Price 2.00


DF01763  Chicken Leg Quarters-40# bulk box   New Price 3.00


DF01898  Simply Nature, Organic Chicken Broth-12/32 oz. New Price 2.00


FF00008  CFAP BBQ Pork and Shredded Cheese .0


FF00007   CFAP-Chicken & Cheese Box .0