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Featured Product

DF01636    Valley Gem Pinto Beans -

                   Canned 12/14 oz. cans 2.47 per cs.

DF01663    Starbucks Ground Coffee-Asst.

                   Blends & Flavors .19 per lb.

DF01571    Refried Beans (Relabeled)

                   16 oz. cans .19 per lb. 

DF01786   Snack Pack Tropical Mango Pudding

                  12 packs per case-4/3.25 oz  .19 per lb

FF00002   CFAP Fresh Potatoes, Onions N Apples Mixed

                  Refridgerated Box at 0.00

FF00003   CFAP Fresh Produce Apples, Carrots, Celery, Onions,

                  Oranges, & Potatoes Refridgerated Case at 0.00

FF00004   CFAP Mozzarella Cheese Logs 2/5 lb. Cases

                  Refrigerated Box at 0.00

FF00005   CFAP Frozen Meat Bologna, Salami Or Scrapple

                  Frozen Food Box at 0.00