Feature of the Week

FF00011 CFAP Farms to Family Fresh Food Box .0 per lb.

Box may contain: cooked meat, eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt and fresh produce. 

              Please remember when ordering this item is refrigerated.   

NEW-DF01621-Bologna -2/11# rolls-per cs. 2.09 (only 9cs.) 

NEW-DF01738-Jimmy Dean Meat lovers Breakfast Bowls 8/7oz.  .67 per cs. 


DF02038 -Pepperoni 2/12.5# packs 4.75 per cs.  

DF01975 Spaghetti Sauce Pouches 40/8oz. 4.37 per. cs. 

DF02033-Spaghetti Pasta 20/16 oz. 4.18 per cs. 

DF02024 Apple Sauce Cups 72/4oz. cups  $4.09 per cs.  

DF01898-Organic Chicken Broth 12/32 oz. $1.00 (4 cases remaining) 

DF01951 Special K Cereal 10/12 oz. boxes $1.43 per cs. Great Deal! 


DF01599 Pork in Beans-Large Cans -102 oz.-  .05 per lb.

Special Note: Pork and Beans can be frozen to make multiple meals.

DF01869-Canned Apple Pie Filling 20oz. cans .09 per lb.

Special Note: Canned apples can be a side dish with a meal


Items with .0 handling fee:  

DF01739-Uncooked Chicken Piece Fritters 20# box .0 per cs.  

DF01749-Simmer Sauce Tiki (6/8oz. pks.) .0 per cs. (just add rice) 

DF01553-Mixed Candy and Sweet Snacks .0 per lb. 

DF01953-Asst. Light Bulbs-.0 per lb.