Feature of the Week
DF02141-Potatoes  5# bags. .95 per bag. 
DF01758-Fresh Organic Blue Berries 12/1# pints  .0 per lb. 
DF01407-Fresh Tomatoes    .0 per lb. 

Opportunity Buys: 
PF01729-Brown Rice 24/1# bags =6.94 per cs. 
DF01599-Pork & Beans 6/#10 cans.  .05 per lb. 
DF02127-Corned Beef Hash 6/#10 cans. 8.74 per cs. 
PF01735-Dry Pinto Beans 24/1# bags. =10.26 per cs. 

Just In: DF02140-Smoked Spiral Hams-slices and chunks-4/1 ham packs for $7.22

Great Deal! 
Special Note: The oats have an expiration date for -November 2021-but the product is still good until April 2022. 
PF01731-Quick Oats 12/14 oz. =5.44 per cs. 

DF02096-100% Orange Juice Cups-Frozen 72/4 oz. 3.42 per cs. 



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