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  • PF01919-1% Shelf Stable Milk 24/8 oz. Reduced to $3.00 per cs. EXP. Date 4/19/24-use by date: 06/30/24-only 112 cases left. 

  • DF02714- Philadelphia Soft Cream Cheese Filling 6/24.3 oz. .0 handling fee per cs. 

Featured Items: 


  • DF02743-Stove Top Stuffing 12/6 oz. 1.14 handling fee per cs. 

  • DF02801-Canned Great Northern Beans 12/15 oz. 2.47 handling fee per cs. 

  • DF02797-Heritage Owens -Wafer Crackers 500/0.25 oz. 1.71 handling fee per cs. 

  • DF02809-Kelloggs Original 200/2 ct.  1.33 handling fee per cs. 

  • DF01984- Mandarin Oranges 24/11 oz. 3.80 per cs. 

  • PF02531-Beef Skillet Dinner-exp. date 2/15/24 Best if used by date-6/30/24-$10.00 cs. 




                      Stock Up On Delmonte Canned Vegetables 


Special Note:  Brites are Delmonte  canned vegetables that have been relabeled on top with a sticker that tells the nutritional information.  

  • DF02170-Diced Tomatoes .19 per lb. Brites


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