Exciting News! 
                                                         While Supplies Last
Asst. Cereal 
                                     DF01396- must be weighed .19 per lb. NEW!

All produce is at .0 handling fee
DF02353-Fresh Jicama Root Vegetables NEW!           

DF02354-Fresh Iceberg Lettuce-24 heads per cs. NEW!
DF02315-Seedless Watermelons    NEW!      
PF02007-Fresh Cabbage -must be weighed   


Just Added:   
KPF01919-Diabetic Food Box $9.00 per box (15 items per box)
                                            While Supplies last! 

DF00039-Asst. Frozen Bulk Chicken (perfect for onsite feeding-kitchens) .5 per lb.